Advent of Code 2022

My adventures with Advent of Code 2022!


This is my 3rd year jumping into the AoC. It’s a lot of fun. Check out some of my posts about my past years on my blog. This site is hosted on github pages, go to code here.

This year

I will be completing them all using ReactJS, AND a different component/UI/design library. I have a list of 20 different libraries to play with. Let’s see how they work, if they make my app look any better (or worse), how easy are they to learn (if it takes more than 5 minutes then it’s out). I won’t be creating a theme and going overboard, just the out of the box components and we’ll see what they can do.

Check back here daily for updates! Follow me on Twitter or Mastodon. Check out my Github code.

The Days

The libraries I’ll check out:

  1. MUI - Day 1
  2. React-Bootstrap - Day 2
  3. Semantic UI - Day 3
  4. Blueprint - Day 4
  5. NextUI* - Day 5
  6. Fluent UI - Day 6
  7. Ant Design* - Day 7
  8. Grommet - Day 8
  9. React Suite - Day 9
  10. Chakra UI - Day 11
  11. Onsen UI
  12. Evergreen
  13. Theme UI
  14. Argon Design System React
  15. Rebass
  16. Elemental UI
  17. Belle
  18. PrimeReact
  19. Arco Design

*libraries I enjoyed using, can’t wait to use again


Other Slalom folk joining the fun: